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There’s no such thing as a normal funeral.  And that’s why we work hard to ensure you and your loved ones get the funeral that’s just right for you.  But here’s a secret.  We love when we’re asked to do something different – a drive though funeral in a farmer’s field, a toast by the graveside or a fireworks display using a loved one’s ashes.  Here’s a small selection of ideas to make your farewell more meaningful.

Coffin design

Traditional wood coffins are still the most popular with the added eco-credentials of coming from sustainable UK forests with a low carbon footprint.  But these needn’t just be plain wood.  We’ve had football, cricket, rugby club logos and slogans in full or part.  Or photographs so the coffin tells a life story on each panel.  Choose a different material entirely such as wool, wicker, bamboo and willow which can be further personalised with flowers weaved into the fabric.  Or dress it with favourite keepsakes: golf clubs, flip flops, jewellery.


We’re proud of our silver Mercedes E Class fleet but we’re also quite excited when we hire in different modes of transport.  Horse and carriage is usually the most popular alternative but we’ve also seen decorated hearses, Land Rovers, tractors, camper vans even a tank!  Motorbike corteges are also very popular.  Bascially, if it’s appropriate for the type of journey you are planning, we’ll look into hiring it for you.

Route of significance

Sometimes the most thoughtful gesture costs nothing.  Speak to us about routes of significance that take you round a community where a life was well lived.  This may pass a church, school, place of work, pub, river, park… and most importantly, allow those who live there a chance to pay their respects as you pass.  If it’s do-able, we’ll help plan even part of a route to give you that final farewell.

The service

The final goodbye is where most people personalise their funerals.  Involving loved ones to share their memories, either as a eulogy or as part of a digital presentation, is an increasingly popular element in today’s funerals.  Readings, poems, music – they’ve been around forever but we’re seeing a lot more planning going into playlists than ever before.  Recommend a dress code: favourite colours, uniforms, hats or something that unites mourners.  Or provide funeral favours such as seeds from an allotment, flowers from a garden, sweeties from a bygone era.  We’ve decorated churches with cushions from a loved one’s home, left books for mourners to take home, we’ve even invited people to leave a message on a Post-It and put it on the coffin.


Keeping a loved one close can be done by adding a little of the ashes, lock of hair, or a fingerprint to jewellery either as part of a stone, or as an integral part of the design.  This applies to necklaces, earrings, and rings.  Or ash can also be used to create object d’art plaques, pictures or tiles.  There are many ways we can assist you and many more suppliers offering creative, personal and one-off solutions.

Leave a lasting legacy

Having somewhere to go when a loved one has died can help those left behind.  We provide memorials for traditional cemeteries but can also create smaller markers for interred ashes (where you have landowner permission of course).  But it’s also possible to buy a bench in or near a favourite walking spot or leave a legacy in the form of a bursary/scholarship for future generations.  We can explore what works best.

Whether you want a lavish event or a simple send-off, having a memorable and personalised funeral that reflects the deceased’s life is something we do every day of the year. Our goal is to help you arrange something that’s “just right”.

Get in touch with your local team who would be delighted to explore options, share ideas and if you want, to cost out some of the suggestions.