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It’s been a busy time of year for our Hawick based memorial stonemasons as the Scottish Borders Council reaches the close of a two year headstone testing period. Some 90,000 headstones across 154 Borders cemeteries were tested to ensure they would not cause significant injury or damage. Weather, age and general deterioration means the base and fixings are weakened, especially for stones over 50 years old. The phased inspection has led to many Borders families instructing the locally based team at John Beattie Memorials to re-erect stones safely, to add new inscriptions and to restore their family memorials across the region.

Prices start around £250 and will vary depending on the size and weight of memorials as well as the work required. Successful restoration can be completed in a matter of weeks ensuring families can visit resting places of their loved ones safely.

For advice on stones in the Borders or throughout Scotland, call Ross Nichol on 01450 378091.

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