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When you make your new year’s resolutions for 2019, you’re celebrating a 3000 year old tradition, dating back to the Babylonian era. Unfortunately, by mid January all the promises to lose weight, eat and drink less, and do more exercise have been largely abandoned. But here’s one resolution you can tackle now which will last a lifetime.

What kind of funeral do I want my loved one(s) to arrange for me and what is it that they would want me to do for them?

Having a conversation about death rarely tops any list of new year resolutions but here’s how we can help you get it done effortlessly and at no cost.

We’re here to support you to have an awkward conversation with your family and friends.
Going one step further, you might even consider how to fund your funeral, or that of a loved one. We can send you information on our pre-payment plans or just click here to make an appointment.

Sharing your wishes, expectations (for what’s appropriate as well as what’s not) is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. Priceless planning for 2019.